Datuk R Ramanan praises APEC Business Travel card initiative in Malaysia

Datuk R Ramanan Talks about the APEC Business Travel Card

Getting approval for visitor passes and immigration clearance may become an inconvenience due to the extensive process. Although it’s tedious, visa application is significant to assure that safe passage is warranted as proper procedure is being adhered to. Although some would not see it, this time consuming process is capable of having a negative effect on business interaction. With that concern in mind, the APEC Business Travel Card was brought out to remedy the situation.

Now, companies can apply for APEC Business Travel Card to get the privilege of travelling more flexibly. This initiative is made possible by participating nations with the mutual target to encourage free trade and open opportunities for investment. With the APEC Business Travel Card, businesses can pre-clear their short-term entry into participating countries for business purpose. This procedure can help to steer clear of the excessive rules and formalities which affect business operation.

The previously required process to get entry permits under personal travel permits and visas can be skipped. also, special APEC lanes are made available to the card holders when entering participating nations upon arrival.

Datuk R Ramanan

The APEC Business Travel Card scheme received full endorsement from Datuk R Ramanan. The Immigration Department of Malaysia was praised by him for their efficient work towards realization of the smart solution that can trigger strong economic growth 

Datuk R Ramanan additionally supported this move by proclaiming that the APEC Business Travel Card has opened doors for Malaysians to venture freely into other economies. Now businesses can enjoy these benefits owing to the good work of these Immigration officers who travel to other countries to foster ties and bring ease into our lives.

Now, Malaysia, Chile, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Australia, China, Philippines, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong and are on the list of participants of the APEC scheme. Additionally, the scheme is as well participated by Canada and U . s . as transitional members.

The programme had a massive effect for Malaysia, as for some countries, more bureaucratic administration is established. The Republic of China, to provide an example, enforces the obligation to submit an application for a permit to entry in advance irrespective of whether it’s a business-related re-entries or a social pass.

Being a strong advocate for Indian business people in Malaysia, Datuk R. Ramanan stresses out on the importance for them to grab the opportunity to bring economic success and growth to the nation. Stimulation by the Indian community in Malaysia can also help to promote the full endorsement of APEC to fortify, foster and promote the rapidly expanding businesses.

Based on a study performed by the APEC Policy Support Unit, the APEC Business Travel Card has helped to lessen transactional cost for its holders for up to 38%. This discovery shows that the initiative works both saves time and actual cost invested in travelling. Based on estimation, the cummulative time saved for the APEC Business Travel Card holders between March 2010 to July 2011 is 62,413 hours, which in monetary form, is valued at USD1.9 million.





















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